Thanks for stopping by on my website.

It’ll come as no surprise to you I am sure, to find out that this blog is all about sports.

My main goal is to fill this up with all sorts of sports stories. If there is a story connected with sports, so long as I would consider it as worthy of being included in this blog, I will write about it.

I am not only taking a look at sports subjects since I would also include articles stating how sports can impact our society in general. You’ll find many good examples where sports helped put together conflicting segments of society and there are also some stories where sporting rivalry became very complicated that it has spilled into political or religious encounters.

I’m not really here to judge if this is a great thing or not because I only wish to show my passion with regards to sports.

It’s been a few years since I first began writing on the web. At that time, this is the only way for me to reach to a bigger audience and share my feelings and love for sports in general.

This web site actually began from very humble beginnings. In the beginning, I was still working full-time in a certain business and I am just writing on my sports web site when I have spare time. Over the years I have been lucky enough to see my little web site grow into something which I am proud of.

If you’d like to begin your very own blog, I will provide you some words of wisdom that might help you.

Never give up. Unless you’re extremely lucky, it’ll not be simple to establish your new blog site as an authority and something which people will visit regularly. You should have a clear goal in mind and it’ll surely help you keep going when the going gets tough.

Do not expect too much. If your motivation in setting up a blog site is to become rich right away, you will absolutely end up dissatisfied. When I first began, I didn’t have any thoughts that this will turn into a full-time income. My suggestion is to start only when your motivation is to share something of value to others.

The best prize that I could actually get from the effort and time I spent on this web site is your comments and suggestions. I’ll always motivate you and even beg you to tell me your reaction about the material that I post. It does not matter if the comment or suggestions is good or bad because the point of this web site is to create a healthy conversation.

Do not be afraid to comment anything and if you think that something is wrong or you don’t agree with certain articles, you may freely comment. You could also let me know which sports you would like me to write about and I am always open to suggestions that you make as long as it’s related to sports.

I’m equally open to consider any guest posts. Besides, this is exactly how I got began. In case you have any ideas or personal opinion that you want to contribute, you can submit them to me. I’ll read all the articles that you’ll submit and offer my personal constructive criticism and suggestions. But if it’s good it’ll get released with full credits back to you as the author.

Welcome to my web site and I’m hoping that you will find your time here well spent and I hope to see you return often.